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About Us

Our Mission

What started out as a search for natural solutions to common health problems sparked a need to learn more about Kratom, CBD, and other emerging alternative botanicals. Unfortunately, we learned an unpleasant truth about the industry: many products are poor-quality or simply don’t work.

After searching locally and internationally and trying dozens of products, we realized there was a need. So in 2019, we created HerbalBase. Today, we have grown and a lot has changed, but why we do what we do and who we are hasn’t.

At our core is our genuine belief in the therapeutic benefits of Kratom, CBD and other emerging alternative botanicals. It’s our mission to provide the purest, safest, and most effective products on the market to help you feel your best.

Produced in the USA

Based in New York, the HerbalBase family comprises people from a wide variety of backgrounds, from farmers, doctors and chemists to the dedicated staff on our fulfillment and customer support teams, and the web developers, marketers, and writers who’ve helped make our brand what it is today.

All-Natural & Organic

Our products are grown with care and hand-harvested by Colorado and Indonesian farmers following only 100% organic farming practices. This commitment to quality is at the heart of the HerbalBase brand, and why our products stand out in the holistic botanicals market.

Our Kratom: Traditionally Farmed in Indonesia

We work closely with a trusted group of Indonesian farmers to produce our Kratom, always verifying the validity, origin, and quality of the leaves we source through a trusted distributor. Our Kratom is ethically grown and harvested for both maturity, potency, and freshness.

Leaves are hand-plucked and dried in the sun following traditional farming practices, and then pulverized and shipped to the United States, where we blend our strains using in-house, community-driven recipes developed through ongoing customer feedback. Our industry-leading Kratom range is well-known for its smooth taste.

Tested & Retested

We’re proud to produce the purest, smoothest, and safest end products available. Before any of our botanicals reach your hands, we test every batch produced with a third-party, state-certified lab to ensure purity and consistency.

  • Scientifically tested We continually test for the presence of microbes, chemicals, pathogens, and heavy metals to ensure you receive only the best quality products.
  • 100% natural ingredients – Our products are formulated using only the purest ingredients and without the use of chemicals, fillers, flavors or unnecessary fluff.
  • Full-potency Kratom – All of our Kratom contains 100% pure ground Kratom leaf and nothing else.
  • Full transparency – Want to see our latest lab test results? Get in touch and we’ll happily provide you with a copy.

Why Choose HerbalBase?

We are well aware that in today’s largely unregulated marketplace, you’re faced with dozens of substandard, low-quality, and miss-labeled products. We’re also aware of the fact that we have competitors who offer genuine, quality products. However, it’s our belief that other products aren’t crafted and scientifically tested with the same industry knowledge, quality, and passion as HerbalBase.

Every HerbalBase product is refined and processed legally under federal laws and restrictions, adhering to the production and distribution guidelines that allow us to sell and ship to states where Kratom, CBD and other botanicals are legal.

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